Fixtures – Wednesday

The All Nations Southfields- Wednesday Season 1 2018



Week 1TeamvTeamTimeCourtSCORES
 Queen Bees Buddies7.001st Hall 16..24
24-JanRuby Murray Netball Knights7.451st Hall 28..13
 Pineapples Thundercats8.301st Hall 11..27
Week 2   TimeCourtSCORES
 Netball Knights Thundercats7.001st Hall 9..28
31-JanBuddies Pineapples7.451st Hall 32..13
Queen Bees Ruby Murray8.301st Hall 10..23
Week 3   TimeCourtSCORES
 Queen Bees Netball Knights7.001st Hall 29..17
7-FebRuby Murray Pineapples7.451st Hall 32..15
Buddies Thundercats8.301st Hall 24..37
Week 4   TimeCourtSCORES
 Ruby Murray Buddies7.001st Hall 13..27
14-FebNetball Knights Pineapples7.451st Hall 26..31
Queen Bees Thundercats8.301st Hall 19..38
Week 5   TimeCourtSCORES
21-Feb -postponed to 14- Mar
Week 6   TimeCourtSCORES
 Pineapples Thundercats7.001st Hall 15..38
28-FebQueen Bees Buddies7.451st Hall 13..28
 Ruby Murray Netball Knights8.301st Hall 30..12
Week 7   TimeCourtSCORES
 Netball Knights Thundercats7.001st Hall 9..26
7-MarQueen Bees Ruby Murray7.451st Hall 15..23
 Buddies Pineapples8.301st Hall 32..19
Week 8   TimeCourtSCORES
 Queen BeesPineapples7.001st Hall 18..26
14-MarRuby MurrayThundercats7.451st Hall 13..27
 (was 21-Feb)BuddiesNetball Knights8.301st Hall 20..4
Week 9   TimeCourtSCORES
 Ruby MurrayBuddies7.001st Hall
21-MarQueen BeesThundercats7.451st Hall
 Netball KnightsPineapples8.301st Hall
Week 10   TimeCourtSCORES
 Queen BeesPineapples7.001st Hall
28-MarBuddiesNetball Knights7.451st Hall
 Ruby MurrayThundercats8.301st Hall
Week 11
 Ruby MurrayPineapples7.001st Hall
4-Apr (was 14-Mar)BuddiesThundercats7.451st Hall
 Queen BeesNetball Knights8.301st Hall
Week 12 semi finals  TimeCourt SCORES
 18th April  
Week 14  – FINALSTime Court SCORES



Week 1TeamvTeamTimeCourtSCORES
 Sweaty Nettys Randoms7.002nd Hall 20..14
24-JanGame of Throws Bunch of NCTs7.452nd Hall 16..14
 Mavericks Seven Sisters8.302nd Hall 15..20
Week 2   TimeCourtSCORES
 Bunch of NCTs Seven Sisters7.002nd Hall 6..33
31-JanRandoms Mavericks7.452nd Hall 7..13
Sweaty Nettys Game of Throws8.302nd Hall 14..10
Week 3 

7th Feb

Games postponed – see 4th April
Week 4   TimeCourtSCORES
 Game of Throws Randoms7.002nd Hall 14..4
14-FebBunch of NCTs Mavericks7.452nd Hall 5..21
Sweaty Nettys Seven Sisters8.302nd Hall 8..19
Week 5   TimeCourtSCORES
 Sweaty Nettys Mavericks7.002nd Hall 14..30
21-FebGame of Throws Seven Sisters7.452nd Hall 7..27
 Randoms Bunch of NCTs8.302nd Hall 10..22
Week 6   TimeCourtSCORES
 Mavericks Seven Sisters7.002nd Hall 12..15
28-FebSweaty Nettys Randoms7.452nd Hall 21..11
 Game of Throws Bunch of NCTs8.302nd Hall 15..0
Week 7   TimeCourtSCORES
 Bunch of NCTs Seven Sisters7.002nd Hall 0..15
7-MarSweaty Nettys Game of Throws7.452nd Hall 28..13
 Randoms Mavericks8.302nd Hall 13..28
Week 8   TimeCourtSCORES
 Game of ThrowsMavericks7.002nd Hall 8..27
14-MarRandomsSeven Sisters7.452nd Hall 14..29
 Sweaty NettysBunch of NCTs8.302nd Hall 27..8
Week 9   TimeCourtSCORES
 Game of ThrowsRandoms7.002nd Hall
21-MarSweaty NettysSeven Sisters7.452nd Hall
 Bunch of NCTsMavericks8.302nd Hall
Week 10 Games postponed –  see 1th April 
Week 11 –    TimeCourtSCORES
  Sweaty NettysBunch of NCTS 7.00 2nd Hall
4-Apr Game of ThrowsMavericks 7.452nd Hall 
  Randoms Seven Sisters 8.30 2nd Hall
Week 12    TimeCourtSCORES
  Sweaty NettysMavericks 7.00 2nd Hall
11-Apr RandomsBunch of NCTs 7.45 2nd Hall
 (was 28 Mar) Game of ThrowsSeven Sisters 8.30 2nd Hall
Week 13 – semi finalsTime Court  SCORES
 18 Apr  
Week 14 Finals   TimeCourtSCORES
25 Apr