Fixtures – Wednesday

The All Nations Southfields- Wednesday Season 4 2017


Week 1TeamvTeamTimeCourtSCORES
 Mavericks Queen Bees7.001st Hall
20-SepPineapples Buddies7.451st Hall
 Thundercats Netball Knights8.301st Hall
Week 2   TimeCourtSCORES
 Buddies Netball Knights7.001st Hall
27-SepQueen Bees Thundercats7.451st Hall
Mavericks Pineapples8.301st Hall
Week 3   TimeCourtSCORES
 Mavericks Buddies7.001st Hall
4-OctPineapples Thundercats7.451st Hall
Queen Bees Netball Knights8.301st Hall
Week 4   TimeCourtSCORES
 Pineapples Queen Bees7.001st Hall
11-OctBuddies Thundercats7.451st Hall
Mavericks Netball Knights8.301st Hall
Week 5   TimeCourtSCORES
 Mavericks Thundercats7.001st Hall
18-OctPineapples Netball Knights7.451st Hall
 Queen Bees Buddies8.301st Hall
Week 6   TimeCourtSCORES
 Thundercats Netball Knights7.001st Hall
25-OctMavericks Queen Bees7.451st Hall
 Pineapples Buddies8.301st Hall
Week 7   TimeCourtSCORES
 Buddies Netball Knights7.001st Hall
1-NovMavericks Pineapples7.451st Hall
 Queen Bees Thundercats8.301st Hall
Week 8   TimeCourtSCORES
 PineapplesThundercats7.001st Hall
8-NovQueen BeesNetball Knights7.451st Hall
 MavericksBuddies8.301st Hall
Week 9   TimeCourtSCORES
 PineapplesQueen Bees7.001st Hall
15-NovMavericksNetball Knights7.451st Hall
 BuddiesThundercats8.301st Hall
Week 10   TimeCourtSCORES
 MavericksThundercats7.001st Hall
22-NovQueen BeesBuddies7.451st Hall
 PineapplesNetball Knights8.301st Hall
Week 11 – semis   TimeCourtSCORES
Week 12 – finals   TimeCourtSCORES




Week 120-Sep  TimeCourtSCORES
 The Yoghurts Bunch of NCTS7.452nd Hall
20-SepSweaty Nettys Randoms8.302nd Hall
Week 227-Sep  TimeCourtSCORES
 Sweaty Nettys The Yoghurts7.452nd Hall
27-SepRandomsBunch of NCTS8.302nd Hall
Week 34-Oct  TimeCourtSCORES
 The Yoghurts Randoms7.452nd Hall
4-OctSweaty Nettys Bunch of NCTS8.302nd Hall
Week 411-Oct  TimeCourtSCORES
 Randoms Bunch of NCTS7.452nd Hall
11-OctSweaty Nettys The Yoghurts8.302nd Hall
Week 518-Oct  TimeCourtSCORES
 Sweaty Nettys Bunch of NCTS7.452nd Hall
18-OctThe Yoghurts Randoms8.302nd Hall
Week 625-Oct  TimeCourtSCORES
 Sweaty Nettys Randoms7.452nd Hall
25-OctThe Yoghurts Bunch of NCTS8.302nd Hall
Week 71-Nov  TimeCourtSCORES
 Randoms Bunch of NCTS7.452nd Hall
1-NovSweaty Nettys The Yoghurts8.302nd Hall
Week 88-NovTimeCourt
 Sweaty Nettys Randoms7.452nd Hall
8-NovThe Yoghurts Bunch of NCTS8.302nd Hall
Week 915-NovTimeCourt
 Sweaty Nettys Bunch of NCTS7.452nd Hall
15-NovThe Yoghurts Randoms8.302nd Hall
Week 10TimeCourt
Week 11 – semisTimeCourt
Week 12 – finalsTimeCourt