Rules – Fill-ins and Timing

We understand that players cannot make games some weeks due to work, holidays and sickness etc, and we strongly encourage all players to offer their assistance if teams are short and need a helping hand.

However to make things fair for all teams, the following rules apply:

Team Members Required

Teams must have 4 original team members on court by the start of the 2nd quarter to constitute a match (maximum of 3 fill-ins allowed). If not, the team will LOSE ON FORFEIT. This does not mean they will lose their forfeit deposit as they only lose the deposit if a team is not fielded at all to play a match. If the game doesn’t start on time, the 2nd quarter starts when it usually would (i.e 10 mins after the scheduled start time).

For Example: Mel’s Team ( 3 Original members, 4 Fill in players) 35 beat Charlene’s Team 25. Charlene’s team will receive the 3 points for a win, Mel’s Team will receive 1 point for a Loss On Forfeit and the score recorded will be 15-0.

Players filling in for teams MUST play out of their normal position.

For Example: A player that would normally play GS or GA in their original team can only fill in as a mid court or defence player. Please note it is up to the Captain to inform the umpires of how many reserve players are in a team. Failure to do so will incur a points deduction.

Penalties for Teams Running Late

Teams have to have 5 players (including fill-ins) to start playing and the other team receive a goal a minute until the team has 5 players on the court.

Rules specific to The All Nations – Islington

Each player can only be registered with ONE team each night (so one team on Tuesday and one team on Wednesday is fine). This applies to the whole league (so you cannot be registered with one A grade team and one B grade team. It’s one team in the whole league, per night). You must specify ONE official position that you play with the team you’re registered with (you can no longer say ‘all positions’). If you play for any team that you’re NOT registered with, you are playing as a fill-in, and the rules below apply!
Any player filling in for another team must NOT play their usual position or the one next to it. It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in. Playing up or playing down – no difference! No one can play their usual position (or one next to it) when filling in.
Usually GS – can’t play GS or GA
Usually GA – can’t play GS or GA
Usually WA – can’t play WA or C
Usually C – can’t play C or WA (WD is ok)
Usually WD – can’t play C or WD
Usually GD – can’t play GD or GK
Usually GK – can’t play GD or GK
If in doubt, don’t shoot!
For those players who say “But I play every position / lots of positions”…if that is the case, please DO NOT SHOOT for another team. GA and GS generally have the biggest impact on the score of the game, so please do NOT play them for any team other than your own!
Semi and finals games
In addition to the above rule, on semi-final and finals weeks, if you are filling-in for another team, you CANNOT PLAY IN YOUR OWN GRADE OR GRADES BELOW YOUR OWN. There are some exceptions –
A. grade players cannot fill in for any team in any grade….the only exceptions are for ‘3rd place’ and ‘friendly’ games – you can fill-in for them.
B. grade players can only fill in for A grade games (they cannot fill in for B or C grade teams)
C grade (Tues) players can only fill in for A and B grade games (they cannot fill in for C or D grade teams)
C grade (Weds) players can fill in for all grades, including their own.
D grade (Tues) players can fill in for all grades, including their own.
Remember – on semi and finals week, you still have to play out of position!